Electromagnetic Theory of Gravitation
  Electromagnetic Theory of Gravitation

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I am a PHD-physicist retired from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. My favourite theme is gravitation.


The basic idea is that photons and charges are created in huge number during the Bic Bang (this is the hypothesis). By means of reflection and scattering processes the charges and photons expand outward (effect of Dark Energy?). An process called Congruent Expansion of Path and Wavelength is responsible that photons have gained cosmic dimensions today. Such photons with ultralong wavelengths penetrate planets and stars as easy as radio long-wavelength waves dust particles.


To describe gravitation by photon collisions modern physics like Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) with Photon-Photon Interaction, Uncertainty Principle, virtual fermion/anti-fermion-pair-generation are necessary for decription. This is the subject of my first publication.


In a recent publication I demonstrate that the effect of Dank Matter in galaxies can be understood in the frame of the upper sketched Electromagnetic Theory of Gravitation since the interaction obeys the Rayleigh scattering formula, where increasing distances lead to increased interaction forces i.e., to an increased gravitation factor (see graph of M33-gallaxy above, red curve).


To play with the idea of a space, filled with a spectrum of ultralong-waves- and zero point photons, the model of a mass consisting of confined photons in a cavity was developed. This study leads directly to interesting quantum mechanical implications.


The decisive result of the theory is that besides the electromagnetic, weak and strong nuclear forces the very very weak gravitation force is not the 4th fundamental phenomenon but only an effect of a locally isotropic radiation field


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